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Assembly & Erection

We being the pioneer in the industry , accumulated wealth of expertise acquired through the implementation of several turnkey projects, we have rich experience in Assembling , Erecting and commissioning wind turbine projects across locations.

Structures and components of wind turbines need to sufficiently accomplish their intended purposes during each stage of operation for which we ensures that quality management measures are adequately implemented during the erection of a wind turbine. Critical care and controlled monitoring / inspections are undertaken at every stage to ensure compliance with the different location-oriented requirements of setting up a wind project.

Erection of WEGs

Under this heavy competitive situation of business in India we have been erected around 1600 of wind turbine generators with the capacity of 225 KW to 1500 KW in all manufacturers.

In the process of erection the assembling of wind electric generators automatically covered. In this job supply of cranes, associated support cranes like hydras etc., and the team of assembly involved.

With our efficient, well-equipped and dynamic erection team , we assembled, erected and commissioned around 80MW of Wind machines of varying capacities from 250 KW to 2.1 MW till the last phase under EPC contract.

Availability of Cranes

We have owned one no. of 90 MT crane, 115 MT with hydraulic boom, 200 MT crane with lattice boom type.

Apart from that we had some crane on hire basis up to 300MT in our campus.

Also some where in the critical and emergency situation from the various customers like ISRO, Sterlite India Limited, Larson & tubro etc., we arranged maximum capacity cranes on call basis.


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